Annular Eclipse October 14, 2023


The 2023 Annular Eclipse at UBarU

path of the annular eclipse

Prior to the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, a full annular eclipse will be visible from UBarU on Saturday October 14, 2023. An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment just as with a total eclipse, but the relative distances between the bodies are not sufficient to cause a total blockage of the Sun. In an annular eclipse, the Moon is slightly further from the Earth when it passes in front of the Sun, thus creating a “Ring of Fire” around the darkened Moon, but never quite reaching total darkness. This combination of eclipses so close to each other, at the same location is an extremely rare occurrence, and on-site events with programming are scheduled for both eclipses at UBarU. (see the separate description for the 2024 total eclipse under the EVENTS Tab.) 

The 2023 annular eclipse event at UBarU will be a two-day packaged event beginning on Friday evening October 13th and ending on Sunday morning October 15th. Two nights lodging and all meals from Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast will be included. There will be star parties on both nights plus additional programming before and after the eclipse on Saturday. 

The full annularity will occur at approximately 11:50 and end some 4 minutes and 7 seconds later with more than an hour of notable partial coverage on either side of maximum coverage.

We do not expect the demand for reservations for the annular eclipse to be as high as for the total eclipse of 2024, however we will use the same point system that was devised for priority in reservations that was created for the total eclipse to determine priority in registering for this event. The cost for the event will be in line with most other two-day events at UBarU adjusted for inflation at that time. There will be no day-of-the eclipse participation or admission to UBarU on that day for any reason other than an emergency. 

 Reservations for the annular eclipse will be available starting in the approximately six months prior to the event, and will be offered on a sliding, prioritized schedule, where a point system will be used to give significant and/or long-time supporters of UBarU first priority in making reservations.

 A table showing how points will be awarded is shown below, starting 01/01/2017). 

UBarU Annular Eclipse Points Table

Membership Level     Points/year (can change each year)     Cost

    Visionary                                 3 $50/mo., $600 or more/yr.    

    Explorer                                   2 $25/mo., $300 - $599/yr.

    Seeker                                     1 $10/mo., $120 - $299/yr. 

Capital Contributions        Points (1point/$500)

     $500                                       1 

     $1,000                                     2 

     $5,000                                   10  

     $10,000                                 20 

     $25,000                                 50 


Examples: Visionary Membership for 6 years = 18 points plus 7 points for the total cash involved, or 18+7 = 25 points total.

Explorer Member at $300/year for 6 years + $5000 in additional capital donations gives 12 points for the memberships plus 13 points for the $6,800 of total cash involved which gives   12+13 = 25 points total. 

Note: Points awarded to organizations can be allocated to a maximum of four individuals

Points only determine a place on the priority list for the opportunity to make an event registration; NOT for FREE or DISCOUNTED Fees. If a person does not choose to make a reservation, that opportunity is passed to the next person/organization on the points priority list.

*Churches and organizations may accumulate points just like individuals through share-the-plate offerings and other congregation/organization-affiliated donations.