COVID 19 update


In response to the corona virus situation, the UBarU Board of Trustees and Executive Director are working together to make the best decisions regarding events, cleaning and other concerns.  We are following state, federal and local guidelines regarding social distancing, face coverings and cleaning/sanitizing.  We chose to cancel all events in March through July.  Our Star Party is planned for August 13-16 during which we will modify some of our procedures and expectations.  Staff will wear face coverings and participants will be encouraged to wear them also.  Staff will work diligently to clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces particularly during the event in addition to typical cleaning.  All participants and staff will be encouraged to stay at least 6' apart.  Capacity will be modified in order to allow for additional physical spacing in the lodging accommodations.  Any participants or staff who are not feeling well are asked to stay home.  

We will continue to follow state, federal and local guidelines as we make decisions about events, how to hold events and take care of participants while they are here.    

Please stay safe and stay connected!  

update posted May 17, 2020