Faithify for Kids!

Our future is now! UBarU Camp & Retreat Center wants all kids to be able to come to our inclusive, welcoming camp where we strive to live our Principles and be our best selves. For families needing some financial assistance, a scholarship can make all the difference. With your generous donation, they will come! The future is bright!

UBarU Camp & Retreat Center has 4 weeks of summer youth camp for kids ages 8-18. Our mission is to provide a welcoming, peaceful place for spiritual, educational and recreational purposes in harmony with our Unitarian Universalist Principles. During their week at camp, they live inclusion. They live covenant and learn how to return to their covenant. They learn leadership and conflict-resolution from their camp chaplain, adult counselors and each other. Youth camps offer opportunities for formal spiritual growth with interactive worship, small group ministry, and by living our Principles while learning about the stars, bees, the land and themselves.

Of course, there is swimming, hiking, games and fun. Having a shared camp experience with new friends and familiar friends can be a powerful experience for our youth and our faith! We are building our future together by helping our youth grow as UU's beyond their church and their homes. The future is bright! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!