Donor-Recognition/Memorial Tile Program Continues for UBarU

Friends and supporters of UBarU have an opportunity to create an enduring and meaningful gift that will become part of the beautiful Rev. Dwight and Marie Brown Center at UBarU. One of the architectural features of the Dwight and Marie Brown Center at is a Memorial Breezeway between the two wings of the building featuring personalized tiles designated by you, our past, current and future donors supporting the D&MB Center and future enhancement to UBarU. This initiative recognizes generous donors and/or provides memorials to loved ones. Your 2019 Capital Campaign Donation will help to complete the funding needed to finish projects proposed for the 2018-19 Capital Campaign starting with the infrastructure upgrades we need to support our current level of use and meet future demands for services. Capital Campaign donations starting at $500 are eligible to select and inscribe tiles with text and images meaningful to the donor.

Working with Austin-based artists, these beautiful handmade, hand inscribed, terra-cotta tiles are offered in four sizes and at five donation levels. They will be permanently installed in Breezeway of the D&MB Center and in the walls of the gathering area of the east wing of the building. Previous donations made to the current capital campaign will automatically qualify you for a tile at the level of your donation. Or, you may apply your donation toward the purchase of a higher-donation-level tile by supplementing your original donation to reach the desired total. Donation levels are:

     1. $500 - $999    8”x4” Tile with two 14-Character Lines of Text    RANCH HAND.
     2. $1,000 - $4,999    8”x8” Tile with four 14-Character Lines of Text    RANCH BUILDER.
     3. $5,000 - $ 9,999    12”x8” Tile with four 21-Character Lines of Text    RANCH VISIONARY.
     4. $10,000 – up    16”x8” Tile with four 28-Character Lines of Text    RANCH PATRON

Several design logos are available including a UU chalice, the UBarU symbol, the Big Dipper asterism, and a Road Runner bird to personalize your tile. These logos replace two lines of text, and therefore are available for donor levels starting at the $1,000 level. These may be seen on the template form and can be specified for a tile by placing the name of the logo in quotes (such as, “Chalice Logo” or “UBarU Logo”) in the top line of the your text box on the template form.

Previous donors will be contacted near the end September. Anyone wishing to contribute to earn a tile or to apply for a tile for which they have already qualified, or use a previous donation to upgrade to a tile at any level must fill in their choice of text using the tile-template form on the website. Then mail the completed form and any additional contribution needed (payable to UBarU) no later than Dec 1st to: UBarU Donor-Tiles;                    . Please include your preferred e-mail and phone-number contacts for any questions or corrections that might be needed to fill your order. Please direct inquiries to:

Click here to view the tile-template form.