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Dwight Brown, 1983, when he was minister of the Shaker Heights UU Church, Cleveland Ohio

Rev. Dr. Dwight Brown was born November 4th 1927 in Zanesville, OH and died in Kerrville, TX October 14th at age 84. A memorial service was held Saturday November 3rd 2012, at UU Church of the Hill Country, Kerrville TX. A second service was held at First Unitarian Church of Dallas.

Dwight and his wife Marie were married in 1952 and celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary in 2012. He graduated from Oberlin College and then was in the US Army for 18 months in Germany after WWII. He graduated in 1958 from Starr King School for the Ministry, the Unitarian-Universalist seminary in Berkeley, California. He was minister at four churches, including the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, and then served twice as District Executive for the UUA and organized the UUA Office of Ministerial Finance. Beginning in 1975 he served for four years on the Starr King Board of Directors and was bestowed an honorary Doctorate of Divinity. He retired in 1993.

Dwight and Marie moved to Kerrville in 2004. He is survived by Marie, four children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. He had very wide interests and was eternally curious about everything, particularly science, philosophy, mathematics, and computers. He taught himself sailing and celestial navigation. He was a consummate writer, composing innumerable sermons and articles on topics around his interests. But his overriding interest was making a difference and understanding and improving the world.

Dwight organized the UU leadership training school now called the Dwight Brown Leadership Experience, which has run annually since 1990. This is considered one of two excellent leadership training schools for UU leaders in the US and was recently attended by a number of Kerrville UUs.

U-Bar-U, the UU camp and retreat center west of Kerrville, will be naming their new residence building the Dwight and Marie Brown Center. Dwight was an honorary trustee on the U-Bar-U board for many years.

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Dwight Brown, 1983, when he was minister of the Shaker Heights UU Church, Cleveland Ohio


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