A wide variety of possible types of retreats are available for scheduling at UBarU ranging in size from use of the entire facility to small groups requiring only limited accommodations. Some of the retreats that have been held at UBarU include: congregational retreats, retreats for specific organizations or special groups, and working retreats that concentrate on team building and/or special projects.

The facility can accommodate up to 55 overnight guests for indoor lodging and meals prepared and served from the central Meeting House kitchen. Under special circumstances and arrangements, more guests can be accommodated by coordinating the use of the small kitchens in the cottages with the central kitchen. Please see the facilities section for a more complete explanation of all accommodations offered.

The location, rugged beauty, varied flora and fauna, and the clear, star-studded night skies offer much for the nature-oriented, re-creative retreat while still having wi-fi and a 20 minute drive to town. 

For questions, planning, consultation, and reservations, contact:

office: 830.864.8419