Capital Campaign for Infrastructure at UBarU

UBarU Camp & Retreat Center, in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, is pleased to announce the accomplishments of the recent Capital Campaign.  Our primary goals of the recent campaign were to expand the long-term capacity of the UBarU infrastructure to continue to host diverse groups of visitors over the long term and to improve the usefulness of the facilities for all guests.

We have accomplished these in several important ways. First, we have successfully expanded the septic capacity of the basic campus and improved the driving access to the recently added Youth Observatory and Ham Radio Shack. Second, we have expanded the meeting and break-out space available for camps and retreats by enclosing and air-conditioning the formerly open patio at the south end of the Rev. Dwight and Marie Brown Center. Third, we have improved the accessibility of the core campus by providing a two-space accessible parking pad and adjoining ramp to the Meeting House and mostly-shaded walkway to the fire circle including a pad suitable for wheelchairs or walkers.  

While we accessed a number of funding sources for these projects, we are especially grateful to the contributors of the 2018-2019 UBARU Capital campaign for septic and meeting space expansion, to a Foundation in San Antonio for funds for road improvements adjacent to the Youth Observatory and to the many UU Congregations, Fellowships and generous individuals who contributed to UUA Southern District’s Chalice Lighters campaign for funding the accessibility improvements.

We are personally grateful to the generous donors to the Capital Campaign and wish to remind you that we will be installing a number of ceramic tiles to acknowledge your gifts. Please consult see the details associated with securing a personalized commemorative tile at no additional cost to you.

While we celebrate these recent accomplishments and milestones, we have not relented in our vision to continue to expand and improve the facilities at UBarU. Still on our radar are upgrading the water well nourishing the entire property, expanded lodging for couples and families, and adding an amphitheater for open air artistic performances under the Hill Country skies.

We appreciate your recent support and look forward to your continued, ongoing support in accomplishing these goals. One of the primary ways we receive ongoing support is through annual Membership with UBarU.  Please join us today or renew your annual membership at

Thank you for being a member of the UBarU community.

Below are the tiers as originally outlined.  

Critical Infrastructure- Tier 1- A. Replace and upgrade the septic system for the Meeting House- Cost; $60,000 (We actually have a bid for a plan that has been approved by the TCEQ inspector at $58,000, but should allow a little extra.) This project must be completed by the end of May 2019. 

B. Upgrade our water system; this requires the drilling of a new well plus tank, water lines and other components. Estimated cost of $80,000

Welcoming Meeting Space-Tier 2 . C. Enclose the gathering area at the south end of the Brown Center to provide an additional, climate controlled break-out space - Cost; $30,000. 

D. Create an Amphitheater with covered stage on the slope immediately east of the BC and MH - Cost; $100,000. (see plan below for Ampitheater information)

Additional Lodging- Tier 3  E. Build two additional cottages or duplexes - Cost; $150,000 ($75,000 each)  Our architect, George Clower, has drawn up plans for additional buildings and spaces for future improvements. 

We are dependent on your generous donation to maintain our current mission and to prepare for future generations. Native Americans believed that all decisions should be made considering seven generations into the future. Might we do the same? Please help ensure that UBarU will be here until the seventh generation.     Please give generously so we can keep UBarU special for now and for generations to come. 


Site plan drawing showing proposed new buildings, plus the Dwight & Marie Brown Center:

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