UBarU Men’s Retreat: October 25-27, 2019

Every Fall and Spring men from UU churches across Texas gather for a weekend retreat at UBarU Camp & Retreat Center near Kerrville. Come and enjoy fellowship in the Texas Hill Country. Rest, relax, enjoy delicious meals and use the time as a break from your normal routines and schedules.

We will begin gathering Friday afternoon to share an evening meal and end mid-morning Sunday. There is plenty of sleeping room in the new Dwight & Marie Brown Center; or, if you prefer, bring a tent and enjoy a night under the stars. Please bring your own toiletries, towel, sheets & blanket (or sleeping bag), and pillow, as well as any snacks and libations you would enjoy. Activities may include poker playing, volunteer projects, music, hiking around UBarU's beautiful rugged 142 acres, and fellowship. As anyone who has attended one of these retreats during the past decade will tell you, the event offers a pleasant, relaxing time to unwind and just get away for a couple of days while enjoying fellowship with other men. If you can’t make it for two nights you are welcome to come for just the day on Saturday or for 1 night. Camping option is also available.  We encourage participation from all UU men and their friends across Texas. Please spread the word.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

Rev. Mark Skrabacz will join with us again in exploring the cycles of our lives and to expand beyond the comfort of our safety zones.  During our shared weekend there will be plenty of free time to read and relax, and to share fellowship in ways that will enhance our own self-exploration.  We may find ourselves more interesting, kind, adventurous and joyful as we experience the values of our curiosity and inquisitiveness. These are precisely "spiritual" values because they reflect our higher calling, along with love, justice and peace. 

For more information, please contact Robyn at director@ubaru.org or  Mark Kilpatrick at texanmkk17@aol.com