UBarU Camp and Retreat Center to Go Green!

Solar Panels from the East

Our Unitarian Universalist Camp and Retreat Center, UBarU, located near Kerrville, has undertaken a project to move towards living our UU values by reducing its carbon footprint.  Thanks to generous contributions, we have installed Phase 1 of an in-grid solar panel system sufficient to generate 12Kw of power on sunny days. Contributions are being received for the installation of additional solar panels to further reduce UBarU's carbon footprint..

When the fund reaches $6,000, we will be able to add 2KW to the existing 12.2KW system bringing it to a total of 14.2KW by adding 8 - 255W panels to the Brown Center array. This would increase service to the Brown Center by 33% and improve service site-wide by approximately 6%. An additional $9,000 would allow a complete 3KW system to be installed on either the Sojourner Cottage or the Hermitage Cottage which would offset site-wide usage by another 8%.

Solar Panels from the West

We are currently generating slightly more than 30% of our average site-wide monthly electric usage with solar power generated by two identical 6.1KW solar-panel arrays serving the Brown Center and the Meeting House(not easily upgradeable.) Our long-term goal is to offset as near as possible to 100% of our average power usage through renewable energy. However, our intermediate goal (over the next two years) is to upgrade the Brown Center array and add solar-array systems to both the Sojourner and Hermitage Cottages, which would generate more than 50% of our average site-wide power usage. Any contribution toward this goal will be greatly appreciated.

Will you join in these efforts to turn UBarU even greener? All contributions are tax deductible. Thanking you in advance for helping turn a dream into reality. 

Make your donation to the Solar Panels Project by clicking HERE!