Make a Payment or Donate to UBarU

Thank you for your support.  We depend on contributions from supporters like you who ensure there will always be a place for retreats, play, gathering with friends, or just communing with nature, in a setting that upholds the values of Unitarian Universalism, living in harmony with nature.   If you are paying for cottage use or other item, please use this link as well.  Please leave a note indicating what payment is for ("Cottage rental", "Donation")  Thank you!  


Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal


Cottage Rentals and Events

Donation of Appreciated Stock

Direct Contribution From an IRA to UBarU


Donation/Payment by Check:

Make checks payable to UBarU Camp & Retreat Center
For contributions by check to a specific capital campaign: 
For usage fees, mail checks to:

Write comment of "Capital Campaign"
Mail to: UU Friends Retreat Foundation
Patricia Baillif, Treasurer, UBarU
9719 Redondo Drive
Dallas, TX  75218-3202


UBarU Camp & Retreat Ctr
c/o Patricia Baillif
9719 Redondo Drive 
Dallas, TX 75218-3202      NOTE on check MUST state usage dates.


UBarU wants to stretch your donations as far as possible, doing the greatest good we can, given the resources we have.   You can help us stretch our reach in a simple way.    If you use an online bill payment service, convert your monthly PayPal payment to a recurring bank payment.  PayPal charges UBarU a fee for processing payments to us.  The smaller the amount, the greater percentage we pay.    If you drop PP and add us to your bank's payment processing, the bank picks up all the costs of mailing us a check.  No rake-off of processing fees.  You control the date and amount sent, and can change or cancel at any time. Thank you!  


Donation of Appreciated Stock or Other Marketable Securities:

To make a gift of stock or mutual funds (or any other publicly traded security) to the Rev. Dwight and Marie Brown Facility, please follow these easy steps.

  1. Give your broker the following information:

    Brokerage Firm: TD Ameritrade
    DTC Number: 0188
    Account Name: Unitarian Universalist Friends Retreat Foundation
    Account Number: 864 801 170

  2. Send an e-mail to identifying yourself and giving details of the transfer, namely company or mutual fund name or ticker symbol, and number of shares. This will enable us to acknowledge your gift for tax purposes.

Your gift of stock will be valued, for tax purposes, at the mean of the high and low on the date of transfer. Mutual funds will be valued at the “net asset value” on the date of transfer.

Thank you for considering UBarU in your philanthropic endeavors.


Direct Contribution From An IRA To UBarU

Meeting the 70 ½ Requirement

If you have an individual retirement account (IRA) and are 70 ½ years and older, you are required to take an annual withdrawal from your IRA. This compulsory yearly distribution is called your “Required Minimum Distribution” or “RMD.”

The PATH Act of 2015 allows an individual to make a yearly charitable contribution from an IRA of up to $100,000 without paying income taxes on the distribution. Donations must be made to one or more qualified charitable organizations (Note: UBarU is a qualified charitable organization). You must be at least 70 ½ for this to apply. Add a couple days after your half-birthday if this is the first time you do this, as a safe harbor.

The process for making the donation is simple. The transfer must be made directly from your IRA custodian to the charity or charities of your choice on or before December 31 of each calendar year. You have a little more time if you do this in the year you turn 70 ½, until April 1st of the next year. Take care! Do not confuse this date with the tax filing deadline of April 15th.

The tradeoff is that you lose your charitable deduction on the $10,000 contribution, but normally the charitable deduction is far less than the tax that you would pay on the IRA distribution, and the cost savings of not having to pay income taxes on your RMD can add up quickly.

If your RMD might push you into a higher tax bracket, consider making a charitable contribution to UBarU. You can direct your gift in any way you wish: to the Capital Campaign, Camp Scholarships, or General Funds. Given our view of the cosmos, the sky's the limit!

For more information, contact our Treasurer, Patricia Baillif, at or call her directly at (214) 660-8385. Please leave a name and callback number if you reach the answering machine.