UBarU Women-Aligned Retreat: Spring April 17-19, 2020

Every fall and spring UU women-aligned folks gather for a weekend of relaxing, having fun and Sharing Our Stories. Please join us for this Friday evening through Sunday morning retreat at UBarU.   ALL ARE WELCOME!

This is a weekend to recharge your body, mind and spirit in the companionship of other Unitarian Universalist women, to sing, dance, meditate, write, draw, read, talk, hike our gorgeous 142 acre campus, walk the UBarU labyrinth, lounge on the Meeting House porch or do just what your spirit needs.  This is a weekend free from compulsory workshops and classes, although opportunities for worship, spiritual practices, and other group experiences will be offered.

  Rev. Addae A. Kraba Minister from UU New Braunfels will be our chaplain again this retreat.  https://revaddae.com  

Theme will be: In this age of environmental concerns, how do we bridge the divide between our personal, moral, and spiritual well-being and our preoccupation with commitments to activism and concerns for the planet?

We will explore our inner experiences and environmental efforts and how they interface through journal writing, reflective exercises and contemplative meditations.

Please bring your own bedding- sleeping bag or twin sheets, blanket and pillows
Sleeping will be in the Dwight & Marie Brown Center in the Suites where most beds are twin sized bunk beds and a few queen beds.  The larger room in each Suite sleeps about 8 and there is a bathroom right there in the Suite as well as additional facilities between the Suites.  A private room or bottom bunk cannot be guaranteed yet we will trust in each other to accommodate each other's needs.  

Bring comfortable clothes, good shoes for walking to observatory and/or labyrinth, toiletries, towels and other personal needs items. 

Check-in will begin 4 p.m on Friday afternoon.  After closing worship, retreat will end on Sunday morning. 

 Contact Robyn at director@ubaru.org with any questions.