Fabric Arts Weekend, February 15-18, 2019

Left to right back row: Patricia Baillif, Beth Schrader, Barbara Jacobson, Betty Skwarek, Linda Oppel, Mary Connor, Karin Wellman, Jill Wiggins. Front row: Helen Sherwood, Kelly Stokes, Debby Rake, Laura Smith.

Fiber Arts weekend at UBarU is so much more than a sewing circle. Eleven women came together from across the state with their arts (quilting, crocheting, knitting, coloring, appliqué). We worked, relaxed, took field trips, walked, viewed the moon through the telescope, and gathered around roaring nighttime fires.

Yes, we talked—talked about our work, talked about our values, and about things that matter to Unitarian Universalists like cultural misappropriation, and gender identity. There was connection—talk about families, personal histories, our lives. By the time we were ready to leave we knew we wanted to keep in touch, come back next year, and create something unique for UBarU. For all it has been a time of relaxation, refreshment, and camaraderie.

If you weren’t here for this event, think about coming next year. It’s an experience not to miss.

Here’s some of what we did:


Helen dressed her Sculpy-face Santa who has waited five years for clothes.
Kelly created carrot beanbags for her twins’ Easter themed birthday party coming soon.


Patricia hadn’t had time to read her newspapers recently, so she saved them up to bring with her and read.
Beth, Karin, and Mary were engrossed in coloring.


Debby talked to us about quilting and fabrics then showed us some of her recent work. Kelly brought a family heirloom for Debby to analyze and tell her about its age and care.


Jill and Karin wound new wool yarn that Karin had purchased on a field trip to Comfort.
And Betty sat in the sun on the porch recording it all.


Debby talking to the group about quilts.
Jill Wiggins dog who came with her husband, Gary, to visit on Saturday.


The group sitting on the couches in the meeting house to share our work.