UBarU Ham Radio Station

In November 2017,  UBarU Camp and Retreat Center was given a grant to build a Ham Radio Station. Amateur or Ham radio allows users to communicate across town, across the country, and on some occasions, internationally, without the internet or cell phones. Licensed operators can communicate using a variety of frequencies across the radio spectrum. If you tune your radio to some of these FCC-approved frequencies, you can listen in.

Under the supervision of our licensed operators, learners will have the opportunity to use and learn more about amateur radio, including newer digital techniques. Our solar-powered station is about near the top of our property. It includes a radio tower and antennas located near the Art Barn and Observatory. With a battery back-up to its solar array, the Ham Shack can operate as a stand-alone, regional communication center during emergency conditions even when the local power grid is down.

We are most grateful to David Riehl, who recently relocated from Dallas to Austin. Dave is a dedicated Ham operator, who was looking for some way to make a larger contribution to UBarU, given his retirement status and closer driving distance to UBarU. Oh, brother, did we ever get lucky!

Come visit UBarU and learn more about how world-wide communication is possible without an Internet .