UBarU Star Party – September 3-6, 2021 Labor Day Weekend

    The Star Party at UBarU - our fifth comprehensive star-party event!  Sept 3-6

   Join us over the Labor Day weekend 2021 for an on-site event with COVID precautions.  Come to UBarU for star gazing, star parties in our observatory, presentations, and more!  

Please see the detailed document linked here for additional details.  If you have questions, please feel free to email Robyn at director@ubaru.org.  

Additional Guidelines for the on-site event:

1.     Door-prize drawings for astronomy-oriented publications and equipment from such well-known companies in the field as: Sky & Telescope, Celestron, Sky-Watcher, Meade, and Explore Scientific.

2.     Children:  Children must be supervised by their parent(s) at all times. Programming is not geared for a younger audience.   Parents and children are invited to enjoy the other amenities at UBarU during the Star Party as well as attend the programmed viewing at the observatory each night. 

3.   Lighting Restrictions - UBarU will have lighting restrictions for the event that will be consistent with other major star parties and also adhere to the requirements for an IDA Dark-Sky Park to enhance the enjoyment of the night-sky experience for the participants. This includes using only red-light flashlights and other lighted devices when outside, and ensuring that windows in the cottages and suites are covered at night with curtains and/or blinds when the lights are on. There must be no driving or use of car lights on site after dark.

4.  Event Registration-  required for all participants ages 5 and older.  Adult $50 (child 6 – 18 years,  $25); student (19-24 years)- $25 (Need school/college ID) includes access to the campus for presentation and for viewing. Lodging and meal options also available in our Suites (private room or bunks), camping or in a cottage.  Meal plans are available if you prefer not to cook and are staying in a cottage or are camping.  Meal plans are included with reservation of a bunk or a private room.  See additional details and pricing in linked document above.  

COVID precautions-  In accordance with state, local, IDA and federal public health recommendations, we will implement the following measures for folks on site.  

1. We encourage social distancing in our on-site lodging.  We expect those staying in cottages or Suites to ensure that in each case the occupants are of a single family or if mixing households, participants are vaccinated.  

2. We encourage diners to physically distance during eating including using the outdoor areas.  

3. Our staff will wear face masks when preparing and serving meals, and for all other activities dealing with the participants and clean touched surfaces often.

4. We strongly request that participants also wear face masks when interacting with others not from their household.

5. We will provide/promote social spacing at group meals, presentations, and sky observing for participants who are in shared spaces.

6. We will practice social distancing for viewings at the observatory and regularly disinfect the equipment in use. We recommend the same practice for those sharing their private scopes with others outside their family or lodging partners. 

7. The pool is chlorinated, but social distancing is required for all who choose to use it.